Tyson & Susie

Tyson and Suzie are now rehomed.

Tyson and Susie are a lovely pair of newlyweds! They arrived here as part of a welfare case involving 30+ rabbits and one guinea pig.

Tyson is approximately 4 years old and Susie is around 2 years old. Both have now been neutered.

Tyson is a big brave boy who loves to explore, he will climb into or on top of anything he can! He is getting used to being handled and is getting more loving by the day. Occasionally you can have a sneaky hug!

Susie is much shyer than Tyson but is still very friendly. At the moment Susie prefers you to just pet her while she is on the ground, she isn’t terribly keen on being picked up.

Susie and Tyson get on very well and must be adopted as a pair. They will need a large space either outdoors, or indoors if they are going to live as house rabbits.

Susie and Tyson cannot be rehomed with children under the age of 12 years as Tyson can be a bit possessive over his food and food dishes.

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