Update from Sara

To all at Assisi.

I thought I would give you a six month update following my adoption in the Autumn. I was picked to be a companion for Livie the Lurcher – that’s her on the sofa beside me. She has been very good to me. We play chase, wrestling and ball, most days when we go to the park.

I passed my first birthday in February and since then the boss says I’ve got some sense at last. No longer are the table legs chewed or the stuffing pulled out of the cushions! She is very impressed how good I am at returning when called in the park. It must be something to do with the treats. And I’m very friendly with strange dogs too.

As you can see from the Photo, the boss let’s me share the sofa with Livie although it gets a bit crowded when the boss joins us but I just sit on top of her pretending to be a lap dog!! Got to go now. Thanks for getting me a new home. Glad to report that I’m doing really, really well and I’m a very happy dog.

Lots of Love – Sara (formerly known as Lucky) and Livie the Lurcher.


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