Woody – an absolute dream of a dog

We got Woody just over six years ago, when he was around two years old. He’s been an absolute dream of a dog from day one; friendly, calm and easy to handle.

He’s very, very spoilt – but we don’t mind. Woody deserves all the love he can get. In May 2009 he was run over outside our house, but thankfully he survived with only a few cuts and bruises. I think I was more traumatised than Woody!

The year after his accident he gave blood to save our neighbour’s dog that was in desperate need of a blood transfusion. Unfortunately the dog (Flynn) didn’t survive, due to cancer, but Woody was ever so brave.

Woody loves his comforts, running on the beach and being with the family. He’s more of a ‘people’s-dog’ than a ‘dog-dog’.

I must bring him up to Assisi, so you can meet him again. And of course, a big THANK YOU for giving us our best friend, Woody!

Sandra Elliott


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