Woody and Rosie

Woody and Rosie went to their new home on 1 June – Good Luck

Woody and Rosie are a pair and share the same kennel at the sanctuary and would want to be homed together.  When they came to the sanctuary in mid May they were both severely underweight although both have started to put on weight.   Due to a lack of food before coming to us, they are both possessive of food.

Rosie is a three year old Terrier cross.  She is friendly and playful but can be shy until she gets to know you.  Rosie needs to build up her confidence and have lots of TLC and gentle handling.

Woody is a two year  black lab cross who loves cuddles and 1-1 attention.

They are both good with dogs and would suit a familty with children who are aged over 10, who would be sensible around both of them.

Could you provide these two lovely dogs with a loving home.   Why not call to the sanctuary and meet both of them.

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