Woody & Aspen

Woody and Aspen have been re-homed.

These two handsome boys are almost 4 years old. Woody is the cheeky one of the pair, he enjoys being able to do as he pleases and would have a minor bunny tantrum if you try to stop him from being naughty! Woody isn’t overly keen on cuddles but you can grab a sneaky one occasionally!

Aspen is the cuddlier one of the two, but he will give you the run around when you try to pick him up! He does enjoy being cuddled for a while though. Aspen is very inquisitive and loves exploring while Woody sleeps in the sun!

Woody and Aspen are looking for a home together. They wouldn’t be suitable for a family with very young children as they are very small rabbits and would be easily injured. Woody and Aspen have lived as house rabbits before, but definitely seem to prefer the outdoor life. Even though they are little they still need a large area to play in.

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