Zoe has been re-homed.

Little Miss Zoe pig is 4 years old and is a very lovely girl.

Sadly Zoe’s owner was no longer able to care for her due to circumstances beyond her control. Zoe has been very well cared for and loved.

Zoe is a sassy little piggy who loves human attention! She loves to be petted, cuddled, have her chin scratched, generally anything that gives her the attention she craves. Sadly Zoe has never got on with other guinea pigs, she prefers human company and nothing is going to change her mind about that!

As you can see Zoe has long scruffy hair, it needs to be kept well groomed and trimmed otherwise it will matt terribly and make her uncomfortable. Zoe is very easy to groom, especially if she has some snacks to keep her occupied!

Zoe is looking a very special home as an indoor piggy, living in a piggy palace! She does enjoy being outside on grass, but only when the weather is toasty warm!

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