A Special Home Required for Gizmo

We are looking for a special long-term foster home for one of our resident dogs. Gizmo is five years old and a terrier cross who does not like other animals or children.

Gizmo was abandoned by his owner after they were evicted; it was three weeks before the Housing Executive found him in their property. During this time he survived by drinking out of the toilet. On arrival to the sanctuary Gizmo had sarcoptic mange and had extensive hair loss which took several weeks to clear. Because of this bad experience Gizmo has developed behavioural issues which can be worked around by an experienced dog owner.

Gizmo has been with us since September 2014 and unfortunately this kennel environment is not ideal and has started to cause him stress. Gizmo is currently on various daily medication but we would hope once he settles into a home environment that this medication could be reduced.

The type of home we are looking for is a quiet calm one with no other animals or children. Gizmo’s new owner will need to have terrier experience, a secure garden and the willingness and patience to carry out our training plan to improve his quality of life.

Once Gizmo establishes a bond with you he loves his back scratched and plenty of walks. He will need someone with plenty of time to spend with him so he can build up a trust and not feel anxious.

If you feel you are able to offer Gizmo this specialised home please contact a member of the Dog Unit staff on 028 9181 2622.

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