Steve and Ella

Steve is a 5 year old handsome chap who didn’t really have a great start in life. He was rescued from a pet shop where he had been living in a hamster cage, he had never been handled and was so nervous he would scream every time his rescuer touched him. With time be started to come round, but it became obvious he had issues with his eyesight as well. When he arrived here with us his eyes were examined and it was found that he has retinal atrophy, this is where the retina degenerates over time. He was most likely born with this condition and unfortunately his eyesight has been getting gradually worse as he has got older. Steve is a lively bun, but still doesn’t like to be handled, he much prefers doing his own thing. He gets around without a problem as long as his furniture stays in the same place each day.

Ella is a lovely girl who is around 5 years old now. She was found as a stray and brought in to the sanctuary. Ella is very friendly and enjoys being petted. She gets on great with Steve and helps give him confidence when people are around. Ella does have some medical issues and needs to be orally medicated daily, she is very good at taking her medication, but would need a bun parent confident enough to do this.

Both are Neutered/Spayed with vaccinations up to date.

Ella and Steve would be best suited to a quiet indoor home with furniture that will be staying in the same place! (For Steve’s’ sake!)

If you feel you could offer these two the home they need, please call up to the Sanctuary and fill out an application form!

Opening Hours:
Tues-Sun 11am-3pm


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