Attention Volunteers!

Hi, you may have heard we have reviewed our volunteer process and we have had our first ‘dog walker’ get together and informal chat and it was a great success, a few walkers met up with old friends that they did not realise were also volunteers, just because they came at different times. There are new policies to introduce to all our existing volunteers as well as the new ones just starting. We hope to make the volunteering experience a better one for everyone with regular opportunities for everyone to meet socially.   Our next ‘get togethers’ are on Sunday 2 August – 11-1pm for dog walkers again, and 2-4pm for all home visitors, existing and new.

Please come along and meet the rest of the team who do the same as you but you never get to meet, you may meet old friends and hopefully make new ones.As dates are put in place we will make them public, please contact us for more information if you want to, my door is always open.  Eventually we will have been in contact with all the existing volunteers and we will put in place the dates for the new ones for training. If you have experience of volunteer management we would appreciate the help, we have a massive task ahead.   Thank you to all the volunteers who have been loyal over the years and to the new ones who are just coming on board.  We look forward to meeting you all and have a cuppa and a chat. You can contact me at the Sanctuary on 028 9181 2622 or

Heather Weatherup – Manager


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