Ozzy and Casey


Ozzy and Casey are 2 beautiful buns! Ozzy is the father of  Casey. They arrived in January 2013. Ozzy had been a busy boy and produced two litters with his lady friend! We had nine babies and Ozzy!! Ozzy is now 5 years old, and Casey 4 years old. They have been neutered/spayed and have all their vaccinations up to date. They are on a powder medication to help with their respiratory issues, which goes onto their PM pellets once daily. As a result they will need an experienced bunny owner confident with handling. Ozzy and his daughter Casey look very similar as they are both black in colour, but are incredibly easy to tell apart as Casey only has one eye. She developed a nasty abscess in the eye, unfortunately resulting in it being removed. This did not seem to phase Casey too much and she coped fine with the ordeal.

They are incredibly close, so must be re-homed together. Preferably an indoor home would be ideal, but they would also be happy with a shed or big hutch to themselves outside with a large attached run. They do need a good amount of space to do their running around, and of course munching all the yummy grass!!

If you feel you could offer these buns the home they are looking for, please call up to the sanctuary and fill out an application form!

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