Ghost and Pumpkin

Guinea Pigs of the week!

Say Hello to Ghost and Pumpkin! Two newly admitted Guinea Piggies to the sanctuary! These guys are both neutered male piggies and are very bonded with each other. I’m sure you can tell who is who, but just for clarification! Ghost is the white long haired piggy and Pumpkin is the Long curly haired Black piggy, with a big splodge of Orange on his face! They are both approximately between 1 and 2yr old. Ghost has a little eye condition which requires him to currently recieve eye drops daily. As they are both long haired piggies they will need brushed regularly, and preferably be housed with a blanket/fleece bedding, as shavings/other beddings end up sticking to their hair and forming big matts when it gets covered in pee! These guys would love a quiet home to live in as they are very quiet piggies. Someone to give them lots of care and attention, with nice veggies to munch on, is what these two need. 

Re-homing Hours:
Tues-Sun 11am – 3pm

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