Sketch and Luci

Luci and Sketch are a wonderful pair! Both require long term medications so will need a confident owner to handle this. Luci is Blind, but can navigate her way round with ease. Luci came from co.cork and was a severe welfare case, emaciated and scared, we help Luci find her feet again, and now she is a bun with attitude! She loves a good head rub! Sketch is a boisterous bun! He loves to burrow in his hay and snuggle in! They both have to be separated for their hard feed AM and PM to ensure they both eat their correct amounts. These guys have been at the sanctuary for a year + now, we would love more than ever to get these guys out to a good home. If you feel you could offer these two a good home, please call up to the sanctuary between 11am and 3pm from Tuesday and Sunday. 

Opening Hours:
Tues-Sun 11am-3pm


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