Winter Appeal

Will you help us build a new behaviour, education and meet and greet room at the sanctuary?

Winter Appeal

Will you help us build a new behaviour, education and meet & greet room at the sanctuary?

As we start to take steps back to re-opening the sanctuary to the public again, we are working hard to have the sanctuary ready and be able to provide much better facilities for our animals as well as visitors. 

For the past 20 years we have used a large wooden shed for behavioural training and animal welfare education.

Unfortunately, over the years the elements have taken their toll and it is now no longer safe to use – the floor has collapsed and professional advise is that it is beyond repair and needs to be replaced.

So, we are appealing to you to help us raise the necessary funds for this vital resource.

This new room will be our ‘Paws and People’ space as it will provide a dedicated room for all kinds of activities for our animals, staff,
volunteers and visitors.

The new room will be multi-purpose and will provide for the following:

• We plan to set the room up to simulate a living room in a home with all the smells and sounds associated with family life. Our hope is that this will help our animals transition more easily to their new environment.

• The room will be a meet and greet space and somewhere for potential adopters to meet and get to know their new furry family members.

• Due to a lack of space, staff are having to try and carry out animal assessments and start behavioural training in an environment that is not ideal. This new room will provide much needed space for staff and volunteers to undertake socialisation and enrichment with our animals. 

• It will provide a quiet space needed for animal de-stressing where they can chill out and spend one on one time with staff away from the hustle and bustle of busy sanctuary life.

• Staff and volunteers will be able to use the space for team meetings, training, health and safety inductions, meetings with groups to plan fundraising events and a whole host of other activities that go on throughout the year.

• In the future, we also hope to be able to use the space to reintroduce and expand our animal welfare education plans for schools and youth groups.

This is the only available area left at the sanctuary to create this space and we are very keen to make use of it for all the above purposes.

We need to raise £6,500 so anything you can donate towards this important project that will benefit our animals and staff in so many ways would be very much appreciated.

Thank You!

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Founded in 1997, Assisi Animal Sanctuary is Northern Ireland’s largest independent animal welfare charity, providing shelter for up to 700 companion animals in our Sanctuary each year. 

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Can you spare 3-4 hours each week - by volunteering with us you will meet new people, gain new or use existing skills, gain experience and ultimately make a big difference to animal welfare.



Leave a gift in your will. A gift left in your Will is a great way to ensure that your love of animals and interest in their well-being is continued into the future.


Our Outreach Scheme came about because there was a clear recognition that there are individuals and families within our community who struggle to make ends meet and provide food for themselves, their families & pets.


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Assisi relies on donations from individuals and organisations within our community to keep our Sanctuary going.  Your donation will make a huge difference to the wellbeing of the animals in our care and help us to provide the much needed day to day requirements to meet their welfare needs.

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