Crumbs, Beans and Brownie


February 01, 2019 at 6:09 pm by Rowena

These three buns are such a great trio, they are incredibly sociable, especially when the humans come bearing snacks! Crumbs is a neutered male, and Brownie and Beans are two spayed females. They currently all live together with no issues! They each have their own different personalities, but one strong love in common.. FOOD!! They all get so excited for pellet time, and even more excited for cabbage time!! They are confident buns for you to sit in with and feed a few treats to, and they all enjoy a nice head rub too! All of these buns do require to be regularly brushed; however sometimes do require a surgical shave as they’re coat can become quite matted around their neck and bum, even with brushing. They also require dental check-ups as their spurs can grow fairly quickly even with all the chewing they do! If you feel you could offer these three buns a home, please call up to the sanctuary, speak to the staff and fill out an application form!