August 12, 2019 at 3:35 pm by Assisi Admin

Meet lovely Lucky

He might not look any different but Lucky was born partially blind, but this doesn’t stop him! He is a 6month old Collie Cross who loves people and other dogs. He will need someone who has had experience with a blind dog or who is ready to take on a dog with these needs and requirements. Lucky needs to learn the different sounds or words to help navigate him around different areas – currently learning. There is different training classes for this type of issue and it helps the dog gain confidence in there day to day life. Lucky is very nervous still of different sounds – cars, cows, buses etc. These are things that will need worked on when he gets rehomed. Put aside Lucky’s issue, he is the sweetest boy who loves his walks and getting cuddles. He would make the perfect pet for someone who understands how much work needs put into Lucky to help him through life.

If you think you have the time and tick the boxes for Lucky, please come down have a chat with some of the staff and get more information.