Lavender and Oreo


January 14, 2020 at 3:38 pm by Ruth Cousins

Lavender and Oreo are two beautiful buns here at the sanctuary. Lavender is a female Angora bun at approximately 1 year old. Oreo is a neutered Black Otter Rex male bun at approximately 2 years old. Lavender was quite a sassy lady upon admission, however bonding her with Oreo seems to have helped to calm her down. She is definitely a lot more settled, though Lavender is on medication due to her tummy being upset. This is potentially due to being in the sanctuary as noise can upset some of our bunnies, so she could maybe be weaned off if she was settled enough in a house, however this is for our vets to decide. Ultimately a family that are comfortable medicating would be required, as Lavender can still be a sassy lady getting her medications! Oreo is a great boy, and has since settled in his mischievous attitude, enjoying head rubs a lot more since being with Lavender. Oreo has a very big quirk though, in the form of being an escapee artist! Unlike other rabbits Oreo has no qualms about leaving his accommodation area and will take himself straight off to explore. He can also jump fences over 1m tall. Oreo was found straying prior to admission to the sanctuary, and was nearly impossible to catch, so an extremely secure home is necessary. If you feel you could offer these two beautiful bunnies a home, please call into the sanctuary, speak to the staff and fill out an application form!