Adopt an Assisi Animal

Thank you for thinking of adopting one of our animals. Before you apply, please review the following information.

Why Adopt from Assisi Animal Sanctuary?

  • All our animals will have had a full vet check, been spayed/ neutered (where appropriate), dewormed, defleaed, microchipped and vaccinated, so you don’t need to spend the time (and money!) on these essentials
  • All our dogs, cats and rabbits come with FREE 4 week PetPlan insurance that begins the moment you leave the sanctuary- so you will have peace of mind that your new pet is covered should anything happen
  • Our staff are highly trained and experienced to offer you the best advice when it comes to matching a pet to your circumstances, and we offer lifetime behaviour support through phone and email.
  • Should you need specialized behavioural support, we will be there for you: included in your rehoming fee is 1 hour of specialist one-on-one follow up behavioural support, when you need it, with one of our animal care specialists.
  • We believe that enrichment (mental stimulation) is vital to an animal’s wellbeing, so we will send you home with an enrichment item tailored for your animal and advice on how best to use it.
  • You will become a full member of the Friends of Assisi Animal Sanctuary for 1 year, meaning you are supporting our ongoing work for animals in the community.

Our Rehoming Fees

Please note many of our small animals must be adopted in pairs, or bonded with your current animal, before we send them home.  

These animals are naturally group-living species and must not be housed alone for their welfare.

If you wish to donate anything above these minimum fees towards the care your animal has received while with us we would be very grateful.

Rehoming fee











Guinea Pig








Adopt from Assisi with certainty

Adopt from Assisi

Purchase Animal

Full Vet Check


Vaccinated and Microchipped



Behavioural Support

4 weeks free Pet Insurance

Training or enrichment plan

Specialist food sample

Enrichment items

Post-adoption support

How do I rehome from Assisi Animal Sanctuary?


Make an Appointment via email/ phone/ website with our Animal care team. 


Consultation at Assisi with our animal care team who will ask you details about your home life, family and lifestyle and match you up with some of our amazing animals


You meet your matches, learn about all their personality and all their little quirks, and get some information to take home to consider so you can make an informed decision


If we have found a perfect match (for you and the animal!) we will invite you back to adopt!

Some animals may need more than one visit, so please do not be disheartened if we ask you to come back for a second or third visit before rehoming, this is to ensure the animal is comfortable and will aid the transition into your home!


We will help you through the settling in process by following up with you at 2 weeks, 1 month, 6 months and 1 year post-adoption, to ensure you have all the support you need for a happy fur-ever home!

Ready to adopt a pet?

If you’re ready to adopt from Assisi, please fill out the enquiry form.