7 Little Mice6009

2 Little Mice

Meet 5 male mice: Stuart, Feta, Halloumi, Swiss, and Mozzarella!

These boys are all brothers from the same litter, which were rescued from becoming snake food.

They are still very young, and getting used to human interaction.

They are starting to get into a routine now – especially when they hear the crunching of their food bag.

They will start running wild when they hear it!

Since all these mice are brothers, they are ok safely live as pairs, as long as they have plenty of floor space for if they want to have some alone time.

Introducing male mice to another litter can be very hard and stressful for the mice! They also cannot be housed near a female mice, since it may give them hormonal aggression!

We will be creating DIY enclosures for rehoming these mice that they will go home

If you’d be interested in giving some of these guys a forever home, please fill out a form down below!.

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