Meet her highness Ada!

She is a princess that knows how pretty she is.

Most of the time she is sitting in her bed judging her loyal subjects(the staff) on their ability to clean or the food they give her.

Ada excels at giving side eyes and pretending not to care.

If she decides that you are worthy she will come out and let you pet her.

Should you be privileged enough for a cuddle she will come out of her bed and stomp biscuits all over her kennels, with a majestic purr alongside.

You will not be allowed to stop cuddles until she decided and if you stop too soon she will meow to inform you that snuggles are not yet done!

If you are looking for a loving companion to dote upon then she is certainly the cat for you!

Ada will need to be the only cat in the household as she wants to be the only royalty.

She would also like outdoor access once settled so she can explore her kingdom more.

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