Astrid & Giovanni5769

Astrid & Giovanni

Like two peas in a pod!????
Meet Giovanni and Astrid! Giovanni is the black rabbit, and Astrid is the brown and white rabbit! Don’t let this picture of them fool you – these buns aren’t the same size..

Astrid is a BIG girl.

She has got a bit of a continental giant in her genes somewhere.

Though giant rabbits tend to be very outgoing, and always ‘in your face’ with excitement, Astrid is a lot more laid back, and chill! Both her and Giovanni came into our care very shy.

Even the slightest hint of us being near them would cause them to scuddle behind their hiding area in fear.

Now 6 months later, both of them love the small animal staff!

They can sometimes take a little time to get to fully trust you.

Generally they would keep their watchful eyes on new people (particularly Giovanni), then after a few minutes curiosity would get the better of them and they’d tottering your way to investigate you and give you a good sniff!.

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