Bella S8272

Bella S

Bella is a lovely 6 year old Staffy who is seeking a special home.

Bella enjoys human company, she is a sun lover and would love to spend the summer afternoons sunbathing with her owner.

She is seeking an adult only home with no other pets.

Bella’s dream family would enjoy quiet walks away from the hustle and bustle as she can get a little overwhelmed in busy environments! Bella enjoys spending one on one time with our staff and has developed some lovely relationships with the staff here at the sanctuary.

We are certain that Bella will develop a strong connection and bond with her new owner.

Bella is muzzle trained and must wear her muzzle at all times when out in public.

Bella would benefit from one to one sessions with a trainer or behaviourist when rehomed to help her settle into her new home and work on her socialisation with other dogs.

Bellas favourite treats include, chicken, hotdogs and cheese! Bellas favourite toy in the whole world is a tennis ball, she loves having a game of fetch before heading back to her kennel for some enrichment! As part of Bellas enrichment she receives destruction boxes, Bella loves destruction boxes, these are an easy enrichment activity that can be done in your home! Bella is a typical loving Staffy who wants to show her new family what a loving girl she is.

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