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For the past year, Bella has been on a mission to be beach body ready.

She’s ditched the junk food for healthy protein, and spends all her free time exercising.

What started off as a haphazard attempt to look a little slimmer for photo shoots turned into a complete obsession.

Bella is extremely proud of how beefed up and buff she looks! And after a long day working out and doing her exercises, Bella loves to reward herself with a few of her favourite treats!

Bella can often be found prowling the cattery looking for cuddles and affection from all the staff.

She makes friends with everyone she meets, except for other cats! She knows she is much better (and has a better work ethic) than other cats, so why should she bother with them?

Bella will be your best friend for life (especially if you stroke her and give her treats), and she would just love to continue her workout plan in your home!

Hobbies include: lifting weights, sneaking a packet of Dreamies into her bed, requesting cuddles, and working out.

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