Casper & Stay-Puft7761

Casper & Stay-Puft

Look at these cheeky boys!

Meet Casper and Stay-Puft! They are a pair of 11 month only gerbils! Both brothers look basically identical.

The only difference between the pair of them are is that Casper has red eyes, and Stay-puft doesn’t!

They have really started coming out of their shells since arriving into our care.

Initially they were very shy, and would normally hide away for most of the day.

But now they know their routine and when it is their dinner time!

Both boys love to destroy (as do all gerbils!).

Normally anything we give them is chew to pieces the next morning, and they’d use the materials for their little tunnel system they have created!

If you’d be interested in these boys, please fill out a form down below!.

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