Ding & Dong6851

Ding & Dong

???Stinky Alert???

Meet Ding and Dong.

Ding has the beautiful stripe on her neck, and Dong is the one with the full set of hair, alongside a handle bar mustache.

These pictures when the weather was warmer.

Now that it’s getting colder, their manes (including everything else Dong has going on) are getting longer and thicker.

They are quite the sight to behold.
Both girls are very funny rabbits.

When they hear an inkling of pellets or vegetables, the chase is on.

One of them will run and the other will follow them, usually in a circle motion.

Then like magic, they switch roles.

They have a very close bond with each other, being inseparable.

These girls have always been together since birth, which is likely why they are so close to each other.

They LOVE to nibble and destroy cardboard boxes.

Not only destroy the cardboard boxes, but to relocate them to their desired position to continue the carnage.

In the morning we would find their boxes all over their run, in unique places never thought possible for a rabbit to reach.

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