Fern is a very shy girl.

We would love to get her a home with her best friend Lycan as they are both a very bonded pair.

They can be seen chasing each other around during playtime and at the end of the day they love to cuddle with each other.

They are very similar in personality which is why its so great to have them as company for each other.

Fern loves treats and her favourite would be small bits of chicken.

She loves to play with the feather toys and can be seen trying to catch it in the stealthiest ways.

Fern will take a long time to be comfortable but with someone who has time and patience she will really be able to fully thrive.

Fern and Lycan would most likely need a catio or a garage for their new home as they came to us as semi-feral kittens and are tightly bonded to each other but not cuddly cats! They will come around to their new family eventually but would need lots of space and independence.

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