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We’ve all wanted a one-eyed cat called Greebo at some point in our lives.

Greebo is cuddly, wise and ever so slightly creepy-looking – in other words, the perfect cat! It is said that one-eyed cats can see into the future, which means he already knows that you are going to love him.

His favourite (and slightly creepy) habit is hiding in plain sight to make you feel like you’re going crazy.

Because of this, we think he may have been a gargoyle in his past life.

Greebo will need to be a strict house cat because, although he has been gifted with the art of foresight, his actual sight is now somewhat limited due to the missing eye.

But who needs eyes anyway? Eyes are boring.

It’s much more interesting to have fewer eyes than normal.

Hobbies include: impersonating a cyclops, communicating with The Unseen, seeing the future (a future with you), and getting cuddles.

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