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Jack Frost

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About Pet

***PLEASE NOTE JACK FROST IS AT LEITRIM ANIMAL WELFARE CENTRE**** Due to unforeseen circumstances, after 5 months of fun, scrapes, bites, cuddles and trust gaining.. poor Jack Frost has to find a new place to live. Most of you have followed his story and have fallen in love like I have, you'll know he is FIV positive. A result that could have usually seen him put to sleep. He came in scared, malnourished and skinny and he's made a fantastic recovery. As he gained his strength, his character showed. He can be so loveable but also can turn and swipe you in a minute I've learned his ways and have actually avoided any the past few weeks! If you go to do any work, he loves to sit on top of what you plan to do.. and will proceed to sit on the next thing you want to do He absolutely loves his food, treats and uses the litter tray each day. He enjoys a scratch post. Because he has FIV his options of a new home are limited - he will need to be an indoor cat only, live by himself or with another FIV cat ( i don't know how he's going to mix with another cat though ). No kids please because we don't want them getting any bites/scrapes. I believe Jack is approximately 5 years old.


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