Meet Big Jim!
Do not let his age fool you at all, as far as Jim is aware he is actually 5 not 15! This big lad loves to play and has a huge personality.

He loves when staff of volunteers tell him its dinner time or play time.

Bring a feather toy out and he will bound about the cattery chasing the feather.

Unfortunately we do have to put a time limit on his play as we are worried about his joints (he most definitely is not).

He has a very unusual meow and will squawk at us every morning for his breakfast and morning cuddles, it even sounds like he is saying hello to us at times.

Jim has recently been upgraded to kitchen cat (if you have read about Brooklyn, Jim is the cat who stole her favourite seat) as he loves to be around people so much as he will follow us around asking for cuddles, a true snuggle bug.

Or maybe just looking for a few extra dreamies.

He would like to be the only pet in the home but is happy to share his house with children.

Due to how active he still is he would also like some outdoor access so he can get some extra sunbathing in.

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