Julius Cheesar & Parmesan6138

Julius Cheesar & Parmesan

These two mice were from the same litter as the others, however they had conjunctivitis when they came in and had to be separated to make it easier to medicate them! They have been treated and their eye issues have all cleared up now! Because they were separated they can’t be reintroduced back into the litter with their brothers so Parmesan and Julius Cheesar are now looking for a home as a duo! They spend most of their day cuddled up in one of their little houses together or having the occasional run on their wheel!

We have noticed a slight difference in colour to make it easier to identify them but we’re sure that once they’re older and their personalities develop this will help!

We have mouse accommodation they can be rehomed in so if you want to give these little mice a loving home then fill out a form!.

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