Lycan’s main ambition in life is to confuse physicists everywhere.

While he may resemble a cat, he is, in fact, The Void.

He sits in corners, absorbing sunlight and energy with his all-consuming darkness.

He is quiet and stealthy, and you won’t realise how much of your energy he is absorbing until one day it hits you – you’ve fallen under his spell.

Lycan’s favourite kind of energy to absorb is that of calm, quiet adults who are willing to devote time and effort to gaining his trust.

Fern and Lycan would most likely need a catio or a garage for their new home as they came to us as semi-feral kittens and are tightly bonded to each other but not cuddly cats! They will come around to their new family eventually but would need lots of space and independence.

In return, he will give you a lifetime of entertainment.

He loves other cats and needs to be rehomed with his best friend Fern, and he could also live with another confident cat.

He loves to run around the cattery with Fern, causing chaos and making the other cats jealous of his acrobatics.

As well as absorbing the energy of willing (and unwilling) humans, Lycan also loves absorbing (eating) chicken, which is how the staff have earned his trust over the years.

He has been with us since 2018 because he still hasn’t found his perfect human just yet.

He needs someone who will understand that he may not want to sit on your knee, but he would love to provide a quiet and slightly creepy presence in your home.

Perhaps he will absorb any negativity from your life and make you even happier?

Hobbies include: watching you from the corner of the room, absorbing energy, confusing scientists, and looking after his friend Fern.

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