Meet Maple!

Maple came to us as a stray; therefore we do not have much information on her past.

However, she has been awfully kind and tells us all about her past adventures.

Unfortunately, she has come to us in a rough shape, no teeth to be found (please send a cat detective so we can find them), skinny and her hair in rough shape.

Thankfully none of this stopped our little loony and she continues to live her best life daily (we all need a leaf out of her book).

Her hair is growing in well and she is improving with her weight now, unfortunately she did not want the veneers we offered her.

And with that being said she is now ready for her forever home (although staff is not yet ready emotionally) where she would like to be an only cat in an adult only home.

This is since she is a little crazy…….

And a thief of hearts
She has already learnt how to free herself from the dreadful cage we keep her in (equip with the nicest beds in the sanctuary, her own personal scratcher, and a privacy curtain so she cannot see the other cats).

Upon being given freedom she reaches 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds with a overall top speed of 75mph, headed straight for your coat hanging on the back of the door.

This must be played with, and she will batter the sleeve, potentially even attempt a quick climb up the coat.

Should during the journey to your coat if she find anything else to play with rest assured she will continue her zoomies with said toys (yes a bit of litter dropped on the floor is a toy), this playing consists of the funniest little jumps you will have ever seen as she flies around the cattery.

She definitely is a quirky girl with a one of a kind personality, please do apply for this limited addition gal!.

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