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Marvel is a very distinguished gentleman who loves the finer things in life: gourmet meals, luxurious bedding and human servants waiting on him hand and foot.

He loves to sit in his armchair and watch the world go by as he happily daydreams about chasing wildlife.

Deep down he is a very sensitive soul who finds the world to be a scary place.

He has come a long way since arriving at the sanctuary, but he is still learning that we don’t mean him any harm when we clatter past him in all our human clumsiness.

Marvel has so much love to give and would flourish in a quiet, peaceful home with gentle adults who will give him the time and space he needs to learn to trust.

Hobbies include: staring at you (in a totally non-creepy way, we promise), watching you from a distance (okay, maybe slightly creepy), thinking about birds, and quietly (totally not creepily) observing you.

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