Maude is a very sweet girl who is looking for her retirement home (although if you ask her she does not need a retirement home)! Since having her picture taken, Maude has since had the tip of her ear removed! She is recovering well from the operation, but would prefer to be recovering in a home instead!

We aren’t sure if Maude actually knows her age as she runs like a crazy girl after the feather wand, climbs everywhere within the cattery (this includes onto staffs laps and shoulders!) and can just generally be seen enjoying the second chance at life she has been given.

In a home we believe she will only continue to thrive and will be the most amazing cat ever.

Maude is finding the cattery stressful, the only sign she is older, and would really like to have the company of someone 24/7 alongside some outdoor access (she told us she’s still a bit pale for summer and needs to get more sunbathing in!)

Maude came to us with hyperthyroidism and therefore is on medication to treat this.She would like to be the only pet in the house so she can have all the attention to herself!.

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