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This handsome boy is Milo and he likes to live life in the fast lane! He has been searching for a forever home for 72 days.

You’ll be surprised to know this is his second time here.

Milo is 18 months old and as you can clearly see he is a very rare breed ..

When the staff here told him that he is a crossbreed he had never heard that word before so he knew that must mean he is very special! Milo likes having his own space from other dogs when on walks, he prefers quiet walks to the beach or forest where he can have quality time with his humans exploring! He loves to learn new things and is known pick things up really quickly! He can sometimes forget himself when he is off lead and has a tendency to go exploring on his own so he will need some more work on recall training.

He has learnt some fun new tricks whilst here, including, bow, spin, twist and hand touch! Milo is looking for a home with the fully grown type of humans.

The smaller humans can be a little too much for him.

Milo would love to go to some training activities in his new home such as man trailing or maybe even scent work classes, doesn’t that sound like so much fun Milo surely thinks so? He would love to find an owner to go on adventures with and live life to the fullest.

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