What do you call a cat with no tail? Missy!

You can’t tell from the picture, but Missy doesn’t have a tail! When she came into us, her tail was in a very bad way and had to be amputated.

Missy took this in her stride and has adapted amazingly! She is super affectionate and will roll around when she sees you, wanting to be pet!

Missy is currently on medication due to the amputation and stress, however this may change once she gets into a home.

Our vets have worked closely with Missy while she has been in our care, and would like to continue this once she gets a home.

Missy would like to have outdoor access, but this will have to be safe as without her tail she now faces additional challenges with balance and communication! She also doesn’t like other cats and would need to be the only pet in a quiet adult household.

Despite the hardship she’s faced, Missy is a happy, lovely girl who deserves a loving home!.

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