Nala hates Walt Disney.

She says she always will.

Nala hates him because she applied to be an extra in The Lion King and she didn’t even receive an email acknowledging that they watched the audition tape she sent them (which consisted of her staring at the camera for three hours, purring).

Nala would have been perfect in any Disney film, to be honest.

She is very charismatic and extremely beautiful, and she just loves to show off!

Nala is so desperate to be in your life that she promises she won’t even be upset if you watch Disney films in her presence.

She says she’ll sit there and be good, and maybe only knock a few ornaments off the shelves in protest.

While in the sanctuary Nala enjoys playtime and human interaction on her terms – she gets so excited during play that she needs to go back to her room for a while afterwards for a quick meditation to calm down – and then the fun can begin again!

Nala would make a fantastic addition to an experienced adult family who are willing to give her time, space and understanding as she settles in and gets used to the new routine, and in exchange she can offer fun, games and happy little chirps of excitement!

Hobbies include: hating Disney films, looking pretty, chirping for attention and causing mischief.

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