Nougat, Flump & Gizmo7965

Nougat, Flump & Gizmo

How could you not fall in love with their little faces?

Meet (going from left to right) Nougat, Flump and Gizmo! Some of you may recognise Flump and Nougat, as they are ex-Assisi guinea pigs.

They went to a very loving home and were bonded to Gizmo.

Unfortunately there were a change of circumstances the trio had to come back to Assisi.

Flump and Nougat are on the older side, both being over 5 years old! Gizmo on the other hand is still a young piggy, only being just over a year old.

All three of them are so good with being handled, and have a really close bond.

Since they are a bonded trio, they will have to go home as a bonded trio.

If you’d be interested in adopting this trio, then please fill out an online form down below!.

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