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Please complete an adoption form for your preferred animal type and return to us at the Sanctuary. We will then assess your situation and find the best match between you and your future pet.

About Pet

Meet Nula! Nula is a 5 year old German Shepherd who came to us via welfare officers from a puppy farm in July 2021. When she arrived Nula desperately needed shaved due to severe matting, and enjoyed a pamper so much when the dog team brushed and shaved her that she fell asleep! She needed all forms of training, but the most concerning thing was the way she walked.. After an x-ray Nula was diagnosed with mild spondylosis, hip dysplasia, and muscle atrophy, significantly worse on her left side. She was prescribed anti-inflammatory and pain medication, which will need to continue long term and is something to consider when applying for Nula. However, please don’t let this put you off and if you’re interested in Nula get in touch to discuss with the staff! If you didn’t know of her conditions, you wouldn’t be able to tell! Nula is super friendly, and full of energy – she will greet you by jumping up for pets and loves getting out for her walks. As the months passed at Assisi, Nula started to get quite stressed. Where she was once so easy on the lead, she now pulled excessively and would whine and lunge when coming across other dogs. She started to shred toys and sometimes ingest them as a way to work through her anxiety, and was put onto stress medication to ease this. Our vet has advised that the stress medication is only to be short term, until she is settled into her forever home; she is currently in a foster home but will stay on the medication until adopted to help her cope with the change. Nula is so full of love and so friendly to everyone she meets. Due to her boisterous behaviour and large size, she would be best suited to a home with experience of larger dogs and children aged 12+. Her fosterer has been working on her lead training, and she has shown great improvement using a Halti. She has been on foster for around a month now and is yet to have a toileting accident! She has shocked us all and done us proud by quickly learning to alert her foster mum when she needs the toilet – albeit sometimes at 2am! Nula’s foster mum has also been working on her dog socialisation. Due to Nula’s lack of training as a puppy, we originally thought that she would need to be in a pet free home to have all the attention focussed on her to bring her up to speed with all forms of basic training (toilet, lead, manners, recall, socialisation etc). Luckily, her foster mum has done a great job helping with this training and we would now be open to Nula living with another dog pending successful dog meets. Nula’s ideal canine brother or sister would be of a similar breed size to her own, and of a calm nature as a dog that is too playful could cause her damage to her legs. They also MUST be spayed or neutered. Due to a total lack of experience, Nula couldn’t be rehomed with a cat.


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