Peach, Nougat, Flump, Elena & Miku5906

Peach, Nougat, Flump, Elena & Miku

Look at this fabulous herd of piggies!!

These five (going from left to right) are Peach, Nougat, Flump, Elena and Miku.

They all range from 3 – 4 years old.

These piggies are very confident and really enjoy human interaction (particularly when you’re giving them treats!)

Nougat, some other female piggies and Flump originally came into our care 3 years ago.

Nougat had already had a litter of babies before arriving into Assisi, but was pregnant again due to Flump being unneutered (he was quickly neutered after being admitted to Assisi).

Some of the babies that were born were Elena and Peach! Muki was a baby from a separate piggy heard.

They had all been rehomed in 2019, but unfortunately came back into our care a few weeks ago.

We would like to get all theses guinea pigs home together in a herd.

But would be willing to let them go home in a pair, that being Elena and Peach and the others would need to go home as a tri together.

If you’re interested in these lot don’t hesitate to fill out a form, or get in contact!.

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