This stunning girl is Pepper!
Pepper came into the sanctuary back in April and unfortunately is not coping very well in kennel life due to it being a wee bit stressful and noisy at times.

Pepper is a 6 year old weimaraner, she is a lovely girl who loves nothing more than having zoomies around our enclosed fields! Pepper is also a very intelligent girl who loves to play interactive games with staff as long as tasty treats are involved!
Pepper being a weimaraner is looking for an active home but also a home that can keep up with her active and inquisitive mind.

Pepper although very fond of her human friends isn’t so keen on any canine friends therefore is looking for a home where she is the only pet so that she can have all of the attention on her! Pepper could potentially go home with older children 13+ due to her size and strength.

If you think this gorgeous girl would be the right fit into your home please fill in an online application.

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