Meet Rhonda!

What a resilient girl she is.

She was originally a stray rabbit.

Someone spotted her being chased by a cat, in which she hid under a car from it and collapsed.

She was then shortly brought into our care.

Poor Rhonda is pretty battle worn.

She has urine scalding up around her tail and hind legs and was extremely underweight.

By the looks of it she was at one point overweight, due to her having a lot of excess skin hanging from her!

She really is a sweet girl.

She LOVES head rubs and has already started giving kisses back! Like all rabbits, she is crazy about food, so her weight should slowly but steadily regain.

Rhona is still to be spayed.

Once she is spayed we would like to find her a partner rabbit to go with! So if you have a bunny at home that is looking companionship; please fill in an online form down below!.

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