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Roxy + Hamish

Please complete an adoption form for your preferred animal type and return to us at the Sanctuary. We will then assess your situation and find the best match between you and your future pet.

About Pet

Hamish is a neutered male continental rabbit at around 5 years old. Hamish is a bun that prefers to do his own thing. He doesn’t mind a head-rub on his own terms, but would prefer to be investigating instead! Roxy is a female bun at around 7.5 years old. She was formally paired with Patrick bun who unfortunately passed away due to his medical issues. Roxy can be quite a sassy bun, but deep down loves attention and head rubs. She LOVES her food, just a little bit too much, and as a result we need to make sure she stays at a comfortable weight with her diet plan. Roxy and Hamish would be better suited to an indoor home or an outdoor shed of their own with an attached run or secure garden area for supervised exercise on good days!


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