We think there may have been a bit of confusion when taking Rufus picture, he seems to think he is posing for his first day of school.

Although he does look adorable!
It is hard to believe that this boy came to us as a stray, his personality is the most charming one we’ve seen yet.

With the combination of a cheeky wee face this boy is truly the best about.

He is always on his best behaviour during cleaning and ensures that he is being well behaved during cuddle time.

When you walk past his kennel, he can be found in the cutest position taking naps.

Then you go in to play and his cheeky little personality comes out, where he will have you in fits of giggles at the goofiness!
He is all you could want in a cat and more! Despite how adorable and lovely he was he had not been neutered in his life prior to Assisi, this meant he unfortunately had been beaten up quite a bit from other male cats….

While he is mending all those wounds we do worry another cat in the home may be stressful for him.

He would ask that you can provide him safe outdoor access, perhaps with a garden the other cats in the area can learn is his.

He has said that although he loves all people little children can be a bit scary and so asks if his future home could only have older children.

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