Do you wish it was always Halloween? Are you in search of a spooky friend to make every day slightly creepier?
Well, Salem is the boy for you! Like all good Halloween kitties, Salem is a slow burner who starts off aloof and suspicious, and becomes more and more loving once he realises you’re not here to hurt him.

For a cat who has never experienced love before, we have found him to be extremely loving!
Salem has had a hard life and he is very stressed here at the sanctuary, so we think he would be happiest in an adult family.

He is initially scared of new people because humans in his previous life never showed him that he was safe and loved.

As a result, it takes quite a while for him to bond with people.

When you come up and meet him at the sanctuary, you may not get to see his cuddly side straight away but we promise you it’s there!
Salem has had no experience living with other animals so we would like to keep him in a pet-free home.

Besides, Salem is much cooler than any other pets would be anyway, so he could make them jealous and sad that they’re not as spooky as him.
Salem loves to go on spooky adventures so he would need to live somewhere with safe outdoor access so that he can get up to mischief!
Hobbies include: sitting on pumpkins, making Halloween biscuits, purring loudly and being spooky.

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