My name is Simba and I came to Assisi with my two pups Glen and Maggie.

We aren’t a bonded bunch, and I told the staff that I want some TLC time to myself.

I am looking for someone or a family who will love me and take me on all the adventures they can think of.

I want to experience the beach and trips away together.

I am seeking a home that is active and preferably someone who works from home.

I wouldn’t mind possibly having another dog my age or similar size with me in my new house but I also will be fine on my own.

I have no experience with cats.

I would be allowed to go with children depending on my meet with them but I wouldn’t like anyone to loud as I can be shy sometimes.

Anyway! I hope someone out there has a sofa, a lot of love for me in their heart and a home I can call my own.

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