The urge to sing “A lion sleeps tonight” is always just a whim away….

A whim away, a whim away, a whim away…..

Although you can’t entirely tell in the picture he truly is the size of a lion and has created the well known saying gentle giant as that is exactly what he is! He is a big softy who enjoys gentle head pats and little kisses on his nose.

He can be found roaming the cattery in search of a volunteer to steal their heart and being a big goof ball rolling around with a feather toy.

He is full of manners and accepts dreamies with the utmost respect.

Simba can’t wait to be king and would very much like outdoor access to have his own pride lands.

He unfortunately does not want a Pumbaa or Timon or even a Nala in his life as he wants all your love for himself so please no children, dogs or other cats in the home.

This big boy can get overwhelmed with going into the carrier and at the vets but if you can provide the emotional support this king needs please apply.

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