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Please complete an adoption form for your preferred animal type and return to us at the Sanctuary. We will then assess your situation and find the best match between you and your future pet.

About Pet

Sooty is a 4 year old cockapoo. He hasn't had the most stable start in life and can be a very anxious little boy. He will be looking for an all adult home who is willing to work with his toy possessiveness and nervous disposition and is understanding that he has bitten in previous homes and may bite again if he feels pushed to point where he feels his boundaries are not respected. Because of his bite history he strictly cannot live in a home where children live or visit, and because of all the attention that he requires he needs a home where he will be the only pet. Once he is comfortable around you he is very affectionate and gets attached very quickly. He would benefit from living with someone who is home most of the time to ease his anxiety as he adapts to his new environment. Because of Sooty's behaviour and past, his adoption process will include numerous visits and will be lengthy in comparison to other dogs at Assisi.


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