Tabitha is an older girl who is looking for a retirement home.

The way to her heart is food, and then once she knows you, she enjoys a good snuggle! She is a very lovely girl who unfortunately is finding sanctuary life a bit stressful, she has told us she would much rather a palace all to herself.

On top of this, she had had a couple of seizures while under our care.

She is on medication to help control this.

In her previous home Tabitha did have outdoor access however would not go out for very often or long, and as she is now known to have seizures, she would probably be best suited to being a housecat.

She can have some spicy moments, but this is just because she’s 14 and knows exactly what she does and doesn’t like! Because of this, she would be best suited to an adult only home, and a house with no other pets.

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