This stunning girl is Tana, she is 8 years young and has been at the sanctuary for 1033 days.

She has enjoyed her time here with the staff but has always dreamt of having a home of her own.

She enjoys taking leisurely strolls with her good friend Bruce, They love taking in the scenery together and exploring all of the smells.

Tana is deaf but that does not stop her from doing anything the other dogs can do.

The staff have been teaching Tana hand signals to help with her training and she really does enjoy partaking in her training plan here.

The staff have been known to say that she is a dream to walk, Tana does love engaging with them when we are out on our walks.

Tana loves her little bed and can often be found snoozing in the afternoons.

She also loves to sing as she is getting ready for her walk, she feels it brightens up the staffs day and even though she cannot hear herself, she can tell by their faces that they are enjoying her songs.

Tana would love to find a home where she can be herself, have her own space when needed and enjoy her twilight years.

She would like to find a home with adult humans as she can be wary of children, they seem to move a lot faster than the adult humans.

If you have room in your life for a girl like Tana, please get in touch.

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