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Please complete an adoption form for your preferred animal type and return to us at the Sanctuary. We will then assess your situation and find the best match between you and your future pet.

About Pet

Teddy is a 5 year old Maltese Terrier. He loves the staff here at Assisi but is looking for a home to call his own. Once he knows you he is very affectionate and excited to see you, but around strangers he is a very nervous boy. As he is so small, he feels the need to protect himself from unfamiliar and 'scary' things, and unfortunately has been known to do this through biting. For this reason we would be looking for a strictly all adult home, ideally with only one or two people in the household, where no children visit. Teddy needs to build a bond with you in his own time, and needs someone who understands his fears and anxiety and will work with him to build his confidence. Because of Teddy's issues his adoption process will include numerous visits and will be lengthy in comparison to other dogs at Assisi, and it may be beneficial to work with a professional behaviourist post-adoption.


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