This is Tilly! She has the most fabulous whiskers ever seen!

Tilly can be a bit shy, but once she gets to know you- she starts purring just at the sight of you! If you are lucky enough she will even start giving you little chirps in the morning (if we could translate these we imagine she’s saying she missed our company).

When you aren’t cuddling her she likes to be tucked up on her chair under a blankets, and sometimes when you go into her she can be caught purring away in her cosy spot!

Due to her timidity she has a lovely gentle personality, you would not think she is as young as she is.

Don’t let this stop you from applying as with some patience she will happily jump after a feather toy, she’s just not as crazy as a kitten.

Unfortunately she is finding the cattery life stressful as new sounds, smells and other cats can be very overwhelming meaning she will need an adult only or no younger children, pet free home.

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